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New Enrollment/Member Changes

DCP Quick Enrollment Form – Use this quick form to enroll in DCP and have your investments automatically selected based on your age.

DCP Extended Enrollment Form – Use this more detailed enrollment form if you want to choose your investments or include information about employer contributions.

Beneficiary Designation – Designate beneficiary(ies)

Change Your Contribution – Increase or decrease your deferral amount, stop your deferral

Name/Address Change Request – Change your name or your address


Rollover in Request – Roll over certain distributions into DCP from an individual retirement account (IRA) or from a former employer's retirement plan.


Alternate Payee Withdrawal – Alternate payee distribution per Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

Automated Minimum Withdrawal – Request ongoing minimum distributions from your account to meet your required minimum distribution after age 70½.

Beneficiary Withdrawal – Request distribution from your awarded beneficiary account.

In-Service Withdrawal – Request distribution while still employed.

Separation from Employment Withdrawal – Request distribution after separation/retirement, change current distribution option.

Other Forms

Direct Deposit Authorization – Request direct deposit of your retirement benefit.

IRS Form W-4P – Request to have federal income tax withheld from each withdrawal or annuity payment you receive.