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Plan 3 Investment Guide

Plan 3 Annuity Guide

Plan 3 TAP Annuity Withdrawal Option Flyer

Quarterly Statement Guide

Quarterly Updates

Plan 3 Member Handbooks:

Key Differences between Plan 2 and Plan 3 Flyer

Quicken/Money Download Instructions

Plan Choice Booklet


New Enrollment/Member Changes

Member Information – Use this form if you are enrolling in Plan 3 for the first time or returning to Plan 3 service under a new employer.

Member Transfer Form – Eligible Plan 2 members, use this form transfer from Plan 2 to Plan 3 in January. Who is eligible?

Beneficiary Designation – Designate beneficiary(ies)


Plan 3 Change of Investment Program – Use this form to change the investment program to which your employer directs future contributions. If you already have your contributions in the investment program of your choice, and would like to transfer balances between the WSIB and Self-Directed Investment Program, call Plan 3 Customer Services at 888-327-5596 and we will assist you in completing the transfer.


Plan 3 Member Withdrawal – Use this form if you are a member requesting a withdrawal from your Plan 3 defined contribution account.

Plan 3 Beneficiary, Estate and Successor Withdrawal – Use this form if you are beneficiary and need to initiate a withdrawal request.

Plan 3 Legal Order Payee Distribution – Use this form if you have court documents to initiate a withdrawal request.

Plan 3 Automated Minimum Distribution – Use this form to initiate the withdrawal request of the minimum amount requirement.

Plan 3 Annuity Payment – Use this form to purchase a TAP Annuity.

Other Forms

Plan 3 Direct Deposit (ACH) – Use this form to sign up for direct deposit of your retirement benefit.

IRS Form W-4P – Use this form to have federal income tax withheld from each withdrawal or annuity payment you receive.